Policies & Information

Policies & Information




  • All events get  8 hour rentals for setup. event and breakdown. Additional time can be purchased.


  • Event times are between 6 AM to 11 P.M unless additional time is purchased. 


  • Use the warming kitchen is for insured caterer’s staff only.  Area must be cleaned after use and trash removed or risk losing damage deposit.


  • Client is responsible for “Sweep clean” of event space after use. Failure to clean up trash and place trash bags into dumpster will result in loss of damage deposit.


  • All clients are required to have a coordinator for the day of the event. The facility manager and staff assume no responsibility for the planning or execution of event.


  • Facility manager reserves the right to revoke use of outdoor ceremonies in the event of inclement weather. Arrangements can be made between client and facility manager.


  • Any special requests for event require approval by facility manager. Facility manager reserves to right to alter or cancel any changes if special request contradict, violate or conditions of agreement or policy.


  • Facility is not responsible for any damaged materials before, during or after event. Any found materials will be stored on site for 15 (Fifteen) days and client contacted. After 15 (Fifteen) days any found materials will discarded.


  • Any staining, blemishes, markings or damages during event will be assessed by Facility Manager and staff within 3 (Three) business days of event. Upon completion of assessment the client will be informed of any deductions from damage deposit. Remaining damage deposit funds will be mailed to address given on the contract within 5 (Five) business days. Any messes occurring during events are the responsibility of the client and/or their event staff. Cleaning materials will be available for prompt clean-up, report any incidents to facility staff.


  • Any acts of aggression towards Facility staff or property will not be tolerated.


  • Office area, conference and downstairs store rooms are off limits to all guests.


  • In the event of a catastrophic failure (Severe weather, power outage, lack of water supply, social upheaval, etc.) Event will be cancelled and a full refund given to client.




Warming Kitchen Policies


  • Insured vendors will have use of our warming kitchen. We have a commercial convection oven, hotbox, fridge and freezer on site. We do not have an icemaker on site, please provide your own ice. 


  • Caterer is required to clean up kitchen after event. This includes wiping down used surfaces, sweeping floors and mopping. All cleaning equipment will be provided by facility.


Vendor Policies



  • Loading areas are down stairs and through the garden area. No loading through the front door is allowed unless authorized by the facility manager.

  • Client is responsible for instructing vendors on décor and item set-up. Facility is not responsible for lay-out of event.

  • All vendors are required to check in with facility management. 

  • All vendors are required to follow facility management’s instruction regarding the prevention of damage to facility.







Alcohol Policies



  • All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender. Any alcohol served to minors or visibly intoxicated guests will cause an immediate closure of bar. 


  • For public events any bar service must come with an accredited security officer. Private events may require a security officer based on facility managements discretion.  


  • Any person(s) visibly intoxicated are required to use a transport service or travel with a sober driver.


  • The Facility management and staff are not responsible for any injuries occurring as a result of intoxication on and off premises.


  • Bar must be closed 30 minutes prior to end of event.





  • No parking is allowed at front curbside of facility. This is to allow any emergency vehicles unrestricted access in the event of an emergency.


  • No open flames larger than a votive candle or sterno will be allowed within the facility. Larger open flames (grills, fire pits, etc.) are allowed on the property but must be 10 feet away from the facility and have a fire extinguisher present.


  • Any other restrictions are at facility management’s discretion.






  • All events require a coordinator


  • Any vendor used must send proof of insurance


  • Any event serving alcohol must have a licensed bartender (Security personnel may be required depending on event)